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The Goals November 9, 2008

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Height – 5’10
Current Weight – 298 lbs.
Goal Weight -175 lbs.

Pounds to Lose – 123 Lb.

Current Size: 20-22 (US)
Goal Size: 10 (US)

Why Do This?  I love my life.  I don’t want a heart attack, or diabetes or any of the million things being fat can cause.  I want to feel good about myself, and I want to feel like I can do anything and not be hindered by how I look.  I want to feel like people see ME when they meet me, how amazing I am and what I have to offer, and not my size. 

I want to like myself more.

So, I have an entire small person to lose.  I know this is a long term battle, and I am prepared to change my life.

What I do right: I go to the gym, I try to eat sensibly, I am active, I take vitamines and try to stay healthy, I visit my doctor, when I eat on the run I usually go to subway and am very good about my food choices.

What I do wrong: I eat garbage food at least once per week (nuggets and sweet and sour sauce destroy my The Garbagelife), I don’t go to the gym enough, I sometimes get caught in weight loss traps (like pills), I lose motivation and confidence when nothing changes

I used to be an athlete–I played basketball, volleyball, competitively swam, was a dancer– but even then I was still overweight.  When I stopped those things and went to university, it really fell apart.


I will update this blog every 2 weeks (min) with new weight loss info.  I will also add measurements at some point, because that is a  better way to look at body transformation than weight.TurboJam!

I will go to the gym min 3x/week, and stick to the Turbo Jam workouts.  This will give me some cardio exercise each day, and the gym gives me weight training.



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